TOORA has developed and patented the revolutionary Center Lock Clamping System (CLCS) which is derived directly from the Formula One race cars. One wheel fits every type of car with the use of the appropriate adapter for each car. Each adapter is hub centric, has the proper offset and the bolt circle for a particular car. This is not an imitation center locking system and it is not a one wheel fits all gimmick. The MONOTOORA line of wheels are THE REAL THING and are approved by the stringent German TUV safety standard.

Monotoora T300 10 spoke wheels are available in the following sizes and finishes:
15x7 in Silver & Black
$190.00 $1020.00
15x7 in Chrome
$285.00 $1400.00
16x7.5 in Silver & Black
$220.00 $1140.00
16x7.5 in Chrome
$315.00 $1520.00
17x7.5 in Silver
$275.00 $1360.00
17x7.5 in Chrome $370.00 $1740.00
17x8.5 in Silver
$275.00 $1360.00
17x.85 in Chrome
$370.00 $1740.00
Mounting Kit: $260.00
Monotoora T816 5 Star wheels are available in the following sizes and finishes:
17x8.5 in Silver $315.00 $1520.00
17x8.5 in Chrome
$410.00 $1900.00

Price per wheel is in Red. The Mounting Kit shown above, which includes the adapters, special wrench and all the necessary hardware for the installation, is sold separately. Set Prices shown in Yellow include a set of 4 wheels and the Mounting Kit. Shipping within the continental US is FREE for a limited time only.

Installation Instructions:

1. Remove the original wheel and clean the hub surface with a steel brush or sand paper to ensure proper surface mounting between the adapter and the hub.
2. Mount the adapter using the nuts or bolts supplied with the kit the same way that you would mount a regular wheel.
3. Mount the tire and wheel on the spindle of the adapter making sure that the wheel is flush against the adapter all the way around.
4. Fasten the center lock to the spindle of the adapter by hand in counter clockwise direction as tight as you can.
5. Torque the center lock with the TOORA wrench while the wheel is still of the ground, then lower it to the ground and torque the lock again with the TOORA wrench.
6. Tighten the security bolt in the middle of the center lock in clockwise direction.
7. Install the TOORA cap.
8. After the first 2 miles lift the wheel of the ground and re-torque it with the TOORA wrench.

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